Garbage has been a problem associated with cities that show industrial development. The management of solid urban waste management is divided into three stages:

  • Generation and collection of garbage.
  • Garbage collection and transport.
  • Treatment and/or Final Disposal of garbage.

For garbage collection and transport system, junk pick up Toronto compactor trucks and garbage trucks are necessary.

Waste compactors, which are and benefits that contribute:

Waste compactors are machines whose main objective is to compress the waste, transforming it into a much smaller set and allowing its handling to be much simpler and more efficient by those who transport garbage periodically. So important is the practicality offered by the garbage compressors that today can be seen practically in all urban waste collection services as well as in companies and projects of all kinds. In today’s article, you will know about garbage compressors and what are their importance, benefits, and advantages.

What are garbage compressors?

The compactors of waste are, in broad strokes, machines specialized in compressing waste to reduce its volume and make them much easier to transport and handle in general. Regarding its operation, the compactors have two fundamental parts to carry out the whole process: on the one hand, they have a mouth through which the different residues enter; on the other, it contains an iron box where the garbage is kept until it is completed and the process begins.

The residues are placed in the mouth of the machine, to be then pushed into the compactor by a pressure plate. Then the waste is placed in the iron box of the equipment to complete its capacity. As the box is filled, the thrust of the pressure plate in charge of throwing away the garbage will cause the waste to be compressed thanks to the pressure force of the same machine. Thanks to this process, bags and air spaces are reduced and consequently, the volume of the waste in question decreases.

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The benefits of trash compactors:

As mentioned above, the compactors are responsible for reducing the volume of waste, which in turn offers various benefits such as allowing more amount of garbage in the trucks and thus greatly facilitate the tasks of logistics and transport.

Among the different sectors that demand this type of machinery, you find urban garbage collection services and private industries. The latter produces a large amount of waste by virtue of their production, so using this type of waste management tool is practical. For more info, read more here!

Other benefits of waste compactor machines are:

  • It considerably reduces the volume of waste up to a ratio of 5 to 1, so it can transform 100 cubic meters of waste into only 20 cubic meters.
  • The compactors house the waste in hermetic and tightly closed tanks, so they do not give off unpleasant odors.
  • It saves a lot of money in waste management. They can be placed outside the facilities and be extremely useful.

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