New to our list this year is this lovely home in the heights of Nordic Estates high above the riff-2257 Nordic Driveraff of lower Nordic. Built by Whistler’s Khyber Development only a couple years ago with a fairly decent exterior design and excellent solar exposure sits this truly Whistleresque home perched on a very imposing bluff above Creekside Village. The property was listed back in November 2005 for a whopping $15 million, subsequently dropped by the first agent to $12 million where it sits sadly today. Mean time, a2257 Nordic Drive couple neighboring homes have listed and sold. Do you see where I’m going with this? To the untrained eye the home looks great and possibly worth this money, however after looking at some interior shots from the third agent’s website, the home just looks boring and quite frankly modest. The property itself is great, offering even ski in/out access but then driving through the ‘slums’ of lower Nordic is not what I call fun, unless you keep your eyes shut! If you want to sell for this kind of money you need some more wow-factor than what is offered here. Overall, this is a great estate, but really only worth $8 million maximum.

2261 Nordic DriveIn terms of exterior design, this is one of my favorite homes, designed by Gottschalk Design. Just the right combination of durable materials like stone, concrete and metal with more warm materials like wood. Records indicate this home, like the other three lots are zoned for on this small cul-de-sac, is topped out at 5,000 square feet of living, but again on a relatively small lot. 2261 has really stunning solar exposure with mid-day light to2261 Nordic Drive brilliant sunsets in the evenings. The mansion is perched on top of a steep bluff above Creekside Village making it look very imposing from down below. Architecturally, a relatively simple design, yet it fits right in with lots of West Coast features with local stone siding, a cedar roof and copper touches. The interior is quite different, almost the opposite, being mostly western modern. Owner Marc Compagnon and Executive Director of LF Trading Group has one of the nicest overall properties in the resort.

A home in the most sought-after building, 4617 Blackcomb Way | Four Seasons Residencesthe Four Seasons Private Residences. Construction finished back in 2005 after a very successful sell out within minutes back in 2002. Since that time, 9 of 10 units in the building have been resold for even more. Despite the resorts inability to increase sales like in town, units in the Four4617 Blackcomb Way | Four Seasons Residences Seasons have almost no problems selling for up to $2,000 a foot. This unit is one of two penthouse units, in this case it is on the 8th floor, number 82. As an owner of a unit in the building you have the option to put it into the Four Seasons rental pool and make up to $500,000 a year, not bad considering most condo’s in Whistler net only around $10,000. You even get full room service from the five star Four Seasons Hotel next door. This is truly an exclusive building, however in my opinion, the interior decor seems to be not at the Four Seasons standard.

With about 3,500 feet of living #82 is slightly larger of two Four Seasons Residence penthouses.4617 Blackcomb Way | Four Seasons Residences Construction finished back in 2005 after a very successful sell out within minutes back in 2002. Since that time, 9 of 10 units in the building have been resold for even more. Despite the resorts inability to step up sales numbers like in Vancouver, units in the Four Seasons have almost no problems selling for up to $2,000 a foot. As an owner of a unit in the building you have the option to put it into the Four Seasons rental pool and make up to $500,000 a year, not bad considering most condo’s in Whistler only net around $10,000. You even get full room service from the five star Four Seasons Hotel next door. While this truly is an exclusive building, in my opinion the interior decor seems not to be up to Four Seasons standards.

New Zealand based owners, the Coney Family, owns perhaps the most lucrative piece of real estate in Whistler. Well, them and a few others on the top of Sunridge Plateau, a posh uber 3833 Sunridge Drivescale development next to Whistler Village. This estate has a private ski in trail from Whistler Mountain with all season accessibility. Solar exposure from this home is amazing, with absolutely nothing to obstruct direct views of the entire valley, Alta Lake, Whistler Golf & Country Club, Blueberry Hill and the Village.3833 Sunridge Drive Peddled a couple years ago in a very sluggish market for only $12,900,000 and went nowhere, probably because they had a lame-duck agent that had no experience selling such quality homes. Regardless, the home never sold, but if on the market today it would reach into record territory far beyond its measly six million dollar assessment! 3833 sits on an acre sized extreme view lot with a 7,500 foot framed mansion on it. One of only three homes in Whistler with a grand porte-cochère entrance, which really sets this home apart from the rest. A perfect stately home for the perfect lot, one of Whistler’s best – highly recommend viewing this baby!

Located in Whistler’s Alta Vista neighborhood on a nice long and narrow waterfront lot, this home was built by Whistler’s largest luxury home builders, Nadeau & Sons. Well known for their 3092 St. Anton Wayhigh end homes at Sunridge Plateau. However, most of their homes do not tend to sell easily as they build very uniquely. This home was awarded a coveted Georgie Award in 2003, beating out what I believe to be much better homes. While Alta Vista is a nice neighborhood, it is still behind other similar area’s such as Whistler Cay and Blueberry Hill. It has great potential as it is tucked only a couple minutes from Whistler Village and Creekside Village and has the most waterfront properties of all neighborhoods in Whistler plus not to mention a world class golf course right next door. As for this3092 St. Anton Way home, it is quite nice and massive, but somehow is missing a true top notch feel. The interior seems to be fair, while corners were cut in the overall design. After this home was built, on a relatively poor shabby street, a couple new homes have popped up and the lot at the end of St. Anton Way has begun building a new massive home on its acre sized waterfront lot – should be interesting to watch. Even though the home was reduced in price from $8.9 million to sell for $6 million in 2004, I have decided to tone down my criticism this year as the street has improved and a couple other high end waterfront chalet’s have sold in Alta Vista since.

4888 Summit LaneNew this year sits one of Whistler’s only right-on ski in/out homes. You can literally ski from Blackcomb Mountain and ski into your kitchen and have lunch. Lack of properties such as this one really excels market estimations to any limit. Limiting factors are property size, being on such a small piece of land – but then who the heck wants land in Whistler when you don’t even live there and privacy & security become a natural concern to any owner. If none of that bothers you, then this is the ideal spot for a luxury 5,000 foot home. Summit Lane and most of the few homes on this short quaint road were commissioned for Intrawest (former owning company of both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains) executives and business acquaintances. While 4888 is already over ten years old, it has weathered its first decade quite well and certainly is one of the nicer homes in town.

7425 Treetop Lane | 7425 Tree Top LaneCalled Kamakura, it was once on this list a couple years ago and eventually dumped because its assessed value fell a million bucks. Built in 2001 by, normally excellent, Vision Pacific. However this home somehow lacks panache, it just doesn’t feel right. Not very scientific eh! What I mean is that the exterior seems dated with a hodgepodge mixture of confusing styles and the interior is even worse, seriously lacking anything that buyers are expecting in this price range. Basically, it is a white drywall (sheet-rock) bland home. The little wood-work the home offers looks mixed with trad and mod. Listed for $8 million in 2001, the property subsequently dropped in value for 5 years (yes), when it finally sold below assessed value at $6.3 million in 2006. I doubt Vision Pacific made much on this project, the agents probably made more!

Like all homes on Summit, they are impossible to come by, as they are true ski in/out homes. At approximately 5,000 square feet of absolute luxury, the home soars high above the Village4828 Summit Lane with views from south to north. Lots are nearly non existent unfortunately, but then again, who actually lives in Whistler? These are all getaway shacks for upper crust Vancouver high society. Owner Allan Zeman is also a business partner with neighboring 4844 Summit owner Joe Houssian in Intracorp Development. However Zeman earned his big money from doing business in Hong Kong for several decades, bringing fine Chinese made apparel to North American consumers. You want the numbers right? On a personal note, 4828 does not appeal to my taste very much when compared to others on Summit, but still manages to make the top list, even with a 6 spot drop in the few years. Allen Zeman Richard Feldman Lan Kwai Fong Montreal Colby International Ltd Limited Sweetpea Entertainment California Ron Mannix Steve Wynn Calgary Alberta Mirage Resorts

High atop posh Blueberry Hill on the most desirable street in the neighborhood, this fine 3586 Falcon Crescent | 3590 Falcon Crescenthome sits perched on a steep bluff with spectacular LCD-like views of Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain and the Village. Don’t hold your breath, there have only been one or two listings on this block ever. This is one of those properties that sits on two land titles, which has propelled its high assessment into the stratosphere. While it’s not the largest or even the best home in Whistler, it is perfectly positioned on a secluded private street with some of the best solar exposure. 3586 is a beautifully kept home with around 4,000 square feet of living on a double lot that has around 120 feet of frontage – quite unheard-of in Blueberry Hill where only a couple homes have even their own patch of garden. While Falcon Crescent has some of the priciest real estate in the resort, it lacks consistency of fine craftsmanship. There are still far too many poorly built shacks which were put up in the early boom years of the 90’s. Not to put down this chalet, as it is one of the best. 3590 Falcon Crescent

Falcon Point, a stunning new mansion with 9,000 square feet of living is a startling change in 3552 Falcon Crescent | Falcon Pointbuilding styles for Whistler. Falcon Point designed by Gottschalk Design, offers a modern interior with a West Coast Contemporary exterior, a truly brave change. I commend Vision Pacific for attempting this risky maneuver. I believe it is more appealing to international buyers an3552 Falcon Crescent | Falcon Pointd is becoming the style of choice with local builders. This fine residence was for sale by Remax for $13 million when it sold a year later for a record setting $11.2 million in June 2005. Considering, the home sits on a lot which is over two acres and is hidden behind a 100 meter driveway perched on a precipice in posh Blueberry Hill 3552 Falcon Crescent | Falcon Pointoffering stunning 360 degree surrounding views, it certainly was a competitive price. While it is not ski in/out or even near, it supplements with its shear design, quality and fine location amongst other gorgeous residences. This is the trend in Whistler for chalet’s on large lots – that’s a fact! Falcon Point has been given a modest assessment this year even though it sold for so much more, due to the fact that final stages of construction was halted presumably due to the new owners lack of money.

This beautiful villa is owned by the illustrious former CEO of Intrawest Corporation Joe Houssian based in Vancouver and which owned4844 Summit Lane almost all of the Village and by the way, both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Oh, and a few ski resorts around the world too. A shame he couldn’t even pick the top house in Whistler, but settles for 13th best! Not to put the house down, it is worth all of its assessed value and more. It has never been on the market, probably because Houssian had his getaway shack custom built a few years ago. Little is known about the house itself, but according to the records it offers only 5,000 square feet of luxury. It would with out a doubt fetch upwards of $10 million if it were on the market today. Not much in terms of land around the chalet, but its selling points are attention to detail, quality and true ski in/out access to Blackcomb Mountain. I wouldn’t expect to ever see this one or any on this street on the market, so don’t hold your breath. Joanna Houssian Jamie Houssian 3110 Travers Avenue West Vancouver The Collective Film 16mm Mountain Bike

A residence with nearly no flaws, well except that it has never been on the market for me to see! A stunning massive 6,500 square foot exceptional glaze finished log home with ski in/out 4913 Horstman Placeaccess. When you first drive up to 4913, you are blown away by its incredible size and attention to detail. I give it4913 Horstman Place Whistler’s biggest “wow factor”. This one should be in the top five as there are only a couple homes which come near to this scale – and I don’t even like log homes! The exterior is second to none and the interior is mysterious as no local has really set foot in it. From a distance, I noticed the wide open layout and grandeur, really in Whistler you do not waste even one square foot because of tight building size regulations – this home seems to disregards that standard. This years assessments give this home a mere value, when I am sure that if on the market today, the owner could ask as much as $15 million. Yet is only 12th this year. Amazing! Gregory McIntyre Greg McIntyre

The first time any home in the brand spanking new uber-class Stonebridge Estates has entered the Top Homes list and it is now the first5448 Stonebridge Place to enter the speculative real estate market in July 2007, and for the bargain price of nearly $14 million. While I do agree, Stonebridge is exclusive and unique with all properties 5448 Stonebridge Placebeing secluded from street sight (aka prying eyes) on large acreage lots; it lacks great views from some lots, including 5448. The 6,500 foot mansion itself sprawls across part of its 7 generous acres, but really that’s all that is interesting about this package5448 Stonebridge Place deal. I do not see any real quality or interesting architectural feature. Just plain old white walls with some bad window placement. I think the owner and Whistler builder Randy Warm had too much money to spend and forgot to hire a decent architect, if any, along the way. I guarantee a sale above $10 million is out of the question. Who needs or wants such a huge lot without really great views to go with it – worst of all being a 20 minute (tricky in winter) drive to the nearest gondola at Creekside and 30 minutes from the Village! Don’t get me wrong, I love Stonebridge and the acreage idea, but it makes no sense to build such a normal house and not even have big views. Wendy Warm Randy Warm

A brash looking residence, home to Swiss based oil baron CEO Ian Lundin. This home seems 4909 Horstman Placeto look like the funny cousin of neighboring 4913 and 4905. At approximately 7,000 square feet, this is one of the largest homes in town, yet looks much less imposing4909 Horstman Place than its more beautiful cousins! The interior seems to be somewhat dated and not what you would come to expect of such a designer home. I cannot justify a market price above $9 million, I just do not see the value. The combination of contemporary architecture using copper details with river rock as siding just does not fly with me, yuck! I have never seen a high end home with that much river rock – not sure what Calrudd Construction was thinking when they built this home in 1998. The home may be 10th most expensive, but it sure would not make my personal top 20 list. Take a look and see yourself, Horstman is a beautiful area with a handful of homes, each exclusive. Adolf Lundin Lukas Lundin Oil Geneva Switzerland Vancouver Red Sea Oil Corporation Tenke Mining Corporation South Atlantic Resources Limited ltd